The 20 Best Excuses Used To Get Out Of Surfing Big Waves

17 Aug 2017 13 Share

Ben Macartney

Chief Surf Forecaster

Photo by Mark Onorati

Photo by Mark Onorati


20 best excuses not to paddle out on big days

When the word gets around the office that there’s a big swell inbound, there’s always plenty of discussion surrounding where and when might be holding and where could be straight up pumping.

This usually brings to light several, excellent surfing options – none of which are discussed in this article.

The fact is, in the cold light of a serious forecast, the realities of a desk-bound existence start to hit home - and as sure as night turns to day, out come the excuses for not surfing when it's big. Here are twenty of the best. If you've got a cracker from a mate, add it below.

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1. My knee/ ankle/ shoulder/ ear infection is really bad at the moment.

2. I’m just gonna wait for the tide.

3. I told my dad I was gonna clean out the garage.

4. My big wave board is at my mates house in Wagga Wagga.

5. Gotta look after my kids.

6. It’s too crowded for me.

7. See you out there in 15.

8. I’m just going to the toilet, see ya out there.

9. I waiting until it peaks this arvo.

10. I left my wettie at my mate’s place and he's away.

11. I’ve only got a 4ft comp leash.

12. I just have to find my rear quad fins. They’re here somewhere.

13. My big-wave board is too big to duckdive.

14. I'm not fit enough at the moment.

15. I can’t find my floatation vest.

16. Love to go but can’t afford petrol until payday.

17. I’ve got the worst case of gastro you’ve ever seen. Have to stay close to the loo.

18. Love to paddle out, but I’m going to film you with my Ehang Ghost Drone/super long lens from the beach instead.

19. I have to fix a ding on my big-wave board from the last swell.

20. I don't go out unless it's at least double overhead, so daddy can spend some quality time in the green room.

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