FEATURE FILM: The Biggest East Coast Swell Of A Generation

15 Jul 2016 4 Share


Filmed, Produced & Edited by Sally Mac
Duration 28:15

Cover image by Tarron Bell


In June 2016 one of the biggest swells of our generation hit the east coast of Australia. It all started on Saturday 4th June with wild wind, horizontal rain, flooding and a dramatic increase in swell size. By Sunday morning, the clouds cleared and the wind swung offshore for Queensland and Northern NSW presenting a majestic sight in the ocean. The perfect wave had never felt so real at our home breaks. On Monday morning the storm had cleared for the lower NSW coast; The Red Bull Cape Fear event and the Shark Island Challenge big wave events both ran in waves up to 20 feet. 

It wasn't just the size of the waves that made this a phenomenal swell, it was its longevity. Nearly one week of jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, Hawaiian-style, Pacific Ocean power.

At Coastalwatch we received over one thousand emails with contributions over the week. Photos, video, stories of a swell event that has significantly affected the way east-coasters now look at the waves, and the carpark mythology that has been reinvigorated. Our community helped make this swell the most comprehensively documented ever with nearly every break captured over 3 days. 

This is a 30-minute documentary of contributions from the Coastalwatch community featuring; Midget Farrelly, Tom Carroll, Prof. Andrew Short, Beau Mitchell, Matt Dunsmore, Lachie Rombouts, Mike Psillakis, Steve Maxwell, Mark Onorati, Mark Mathews, Harley Ingleby, Ben Player Ben Macartney and John Charlton. 

With thanks for additional footage from; Craig Halstead, Steve Maxwell, Rob Johnson, Craig Holbrook, Todd Barnes, Agnes Durlik, Angus Kennedy, Joel Barker, Jason Haynes, Red Bull Content Pool, Association of Bodyboard Professionals.

Thank you to every person who emailed in, every email was appreciated even if you didn't receive a reply. Enjoy the film!


Spectacular Sunday 5th June In Pictures
Magnificent Monday 6th June In Pictures
The Super Swell Wrap Up


*BONUS Midget Farrelly's Uncut Intervew

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